Twin Cities Office Moving and Rental Services offered by All Furniture, Inc.

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Commercial Services

Project Management/Sales:

Dustin DeVries
Direct Phone: 612.238.3207
Cell Phone: 763.639.6180

Ryan Syhre
Direct Phone: 612.238.3204
Cell Phone: 612.998.7891

Steve Yeazle
Direct Phone: 612.238.3206
Cell Phone: 612.998.7899

Linda Leidiger
Direct 612.238.3205
Cell: 612.802.0530

Chris Springer
Direct Phone: 612.238.3218
Cell Phone: 612.384.6322

Michael Mourning
Direct Phone: 612.238.3210
Cell Phone: 612.244.4666

Alex Nitescu
Direct Phone: 612.238.3216
Cell Phone: 612.803.8191

Steven Tiongson
Direct Phone: 612.238.3209
Cell Phone: 612.719.3407

General Questions/Operations

Katherine Pepple
Controller/ Office Manager
Direct Phone: 612.238.3211

Dan Allen
Operations Manager
Direct Phone: 612.238.3215
Cell Phone: 612.213.6866


Dion Schilling
Direct Phone:612.238.3203

The Team

Dion Schilling, owner and founder of All Furniture Inc., started as a furniture installer in 1987. In 1990 he was hired by Gazda Mayflower as a moving crew supervisor. In 1993 Dion began working in sales for Gazda and in 1995 Dion ventured out onto his own by opening All Furniture Inc.

Steve Yeazle has worked in the commercial moving and installation business for over twenty seven years. Seven of those years at Mohawk and an additional thirteen years at Labelle / Minneapolis Van prior to joining All Furniture in 2003.

Ryan Syhre worked for Gazda Mayflower with Dion. He joined Dion as one of the first employees of All Furniture Inc. and has over sixteen years experience in moving and installation.

Dustin DeVries joined the sales team at All Furniture in 2008, he possesses over ten years of sales and customer service experience with a background in real estate and project management.

Linda Leidiger joined All Furniture in 2011 and has over 20 years experience in the office furniture industry. In addition to handling retail sales and project management, Linda has worked to assist companies with the liquidation of their furniture assets, both large and small.